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Hi COIN friends,

   This is free information, a ton of value in bonuses from the links below.  These are are absolutely FREE ways to earn crypto.  If you did not receive this link from the COIN app all this information still applies to you. 

You might have noticed that it may be difficult to make a lot of real $ mining in the COIN app, if you are cashing out to XYO.  Instead, the COIN you generate can be used to run campaigns like this where you can share you referral links.  Everything listed below is a great way to earn crypto for free (and a little more if you are willing to spend), the invites below will give you extra bonuses.   Bookmark this page, you don't want to lose it and it will be updated! 

1) If you did not get your 1000 COIN bonus at the start because you did not have a referral code, you can still add it.  Go to this link and in the box, for "referrer" enter: u v a n a t o r    at    a  o  l  .  com (without the spaces and replace "at" with "@") and you will instantly get your reward.

2) I had to move this one up! Their current offer: We'll invest $1,000 into your Invest account when you invite 5 friends to sign up and make their first investment. Plus, for every invite, both you and each friend will get a $5 bonus investmentAcorns is a nice little app that makes investing easy.  You can start investing as little as your spare change through everyday transactions (through their "roundup" feature).  It takes only minutes to set up an account, might as well check it out!  If you join using this link you will get a bonus $5 when you open your account.

3) Coinbase is probably the best site out there to earn free crypto.  You get $10 in Bitcoin for signing up with a referral link and $10 in Bitcoin for anybody who signs up with your referral link.  Even better, you can watch short (1-3m) videos to get crypto for free just by learning about the technology.  There is about $50 to start and they add new modules.  These are actually good cryptos- they typically keep their value because they are on Coinbase

4) is an awesome app for buying crypto and earning rewards by staking, getting cash back (if you apply for and use the crypto card) and referrals.  If you use this link or referral code 8z35r6ry6q you will instantly get a $25 sign up bonus, you will also get a $25 bonus for every friend that signs up with your referral link.

5) NFTs are at a very early stage and probably the beginning of a massive bull market.  It is still very early to join Upland- a game where you use UPX to buy and sell virtual real estate.  People are already starting to sell the properties for USD.  Like the actual real estate market, I think that anybody that gets in early enough will make a substantial profit.  There are also events that give away NFT collectibles that can be traded or held and sold later on.  If you use this link, and referral username "uvanator" Upland will award you with a 50% bonus for your first purchase.  There is a lot planned for property developments and other things that will make this game massive.  

6)  Voyager is another user-friendly app that you can use to buy and trade crypto.  If you use this link and trade $100 you will get $25 of free Bitcoin (or use code 38D6FF).  You will also get $25 of free Bitcoin for every friend that uses your referral link and trades at least $100.

7) It can be very hard to keep track of all your crypto assets and this can make filing for taxes especially a nightmare.  Cointracker has a very useful interface and you can try it for free with this link.

8) You've probably heard of the Cash App.  You can use it to send and receive money from friends or businesses and you can buy Bitcoin directly from the App.  If you haven't tried it yet use this link and you will get $5 for free just for trying it.   

9) If you are in the United States, Binance US is a great exchange to use to trade cryptocurrencies.  Use this link and invite your friends and earn up to 40% on their trading fees. 

10) Another exchange that I like is KuCoin.  While I use Binance for Bitcoin and Ethereum and larger alt-coins, KuCoin is really good for smaller, harder to find alt-coins.  

11) There is another free app that you can use to passively mine a new crypto called Pi.  There is a lot of interesting information about the project on their website.  You will get some Pi just for starting.  To claim your Pi, follow this link and use my username (uvanator) as your invitation code.   Alternatively, you can search for "pi network" in the app store and use my username as your referral when you sign up.  

12) One more free app that mines passively is the Bee Network.  You can either click here or find it on the app store, use my username (uvanator) as your invitation code.  Just like Pi, this is a "click a button once and forget it for 24 hours" app in which you can mine faster and build a group through referrals.

13) StormX is a free app that you can use to get crypto cash back for purchases.   You can get bigger rewards by staking STMX and by referring other members.  If you use this link we both get up to $1,000 in STMX when you join and upgrade your rewards membership.

14)  Bittrex is another good exchange with a referral program.  Use this link or code B1W-NDC-2LX to sign up, and you can get 10% on all commissions that your friends spend when they sign up using your referral code.

15) If you are doing day trading, then having good technical analysis tools is critical.  Tradingview is the best charting site out there.  It is free, if you want more indicators then there is a premium subscription.  If you sign up with this link, you will also get $30 to start, and you will also get $30 for every friend that signs up with your link.

Happy mining, earning, and I hope to see you later!

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